Indiana Bones

Publication Date: 3 Aug. 2021
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9780571353507

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    Indiana Bones is a shaggy dog with a difference. He's got superpowers and can sniff out criminals and--with his young friend and owner Aisha--solve mysteries that would flummox the world's more expert detectives!

    In their first case, they are on the trail of treasure hidden centuries ago by a legendary knight known as The Lonely Assassin, an adventure which takes them all the way to Egypt and the Pyramids.

    A hugely inventive new series from one of the funniest author/illustrator teams in the business.


    Book Type: Junior Chapter
    Age Group: 8 to 11 years
    Traffic Lights: Amber
    Class Novel: No
    Good Reads Rating: 4/5
    Literary Rating: 4/5


    Dr Satnam Ghatak often tells his daughter Aisha the story of his greatest archaeological find. On a dig near Skara Brae, he once discovered a mystical door that lead to a sumptuous room, perfectly preserved and filled with sleeping dogs. He chanted a mantra he remembered from his childhood in India and the room disappeared...leaving only one dog. Dr. Ghatak adopted the dog and named him Indiana Bones, and he's Aisha's best friend. The most incredible part of the story is that Indiana can talk!

    Another of Dr. Ghatak's lifelong passions has been the story of the Lonely Avenger, a 4th century French knight who stole a fortune from Prince Philippe of Castile. The treasure has never been found, so when Aisha discovers a clue suggesting that the Avenger's stash was hidden under the Great Pyramid in Egypt, she knows she and Indiana have an adventure on their hands. Unfortunately for them, someone else knows about the clue. A smelly, tattooed, South London thug called Ringo is on their tail.

    Aisha and Indiana make their way to Egypt on a luxury ship, aided by a mysterious friend: Julimus, a shabby-looking man who carries a strange wicker basket with him at all times. Inside the basket is a snake who he cares for greatly. Though Julimus is enigmatic, he's a great help on their journey.

    When they arrive in Egypt, Aisha is fascinated by a beautiful palace she'd heard about back in England, owned by a man known as "The Serpent". Inside the palace are all manner of antiquities. With Indiana's help, she breaks into the palace to see if she can find any clues about the Lonely Avenger's horde under the Great Pyramid. She leaves with a strange statue of the moon god Khonshu and a dossier on her father.

    Aisha, Indiana, and Julimus take the perilous journey to the Pyramids by hot-air balloon. There, they discover Ringo, the Serpent, and another man in a suit are hot on their heels. Aisha uses her ingenuity to find a secret chamber, and the figurine of Khonshu to open a concealed door. Using moonlight reflected off Khnoshu's eyes and the mantra she remembered her father telling her about she is able to reverse a curse: The snake Julimus had been carrying was actually his son!

    Sadly, they find no treasure, only what appears to be the Lonely Avenger's armour, sword, and journal. They escape from the clutches of the Serpent, and the man in the suit is revealed to be none other than Philip Castle--the descendent of Philipe of Castile!

    They make their way back to England, with a treasure far greater than they expected: Julimus's son. And the diary is sure to contain clues that will lead them on another adventure"¦perhaps to the true location of the Avenger's treasure trove.

    A highly enjoyable adventure in archaeology. While some elements are inspired by Indiana Jones, this wholesome escapade would also be a great choice for lovers of Tintin and The Kane Chronicles, with supernatural elements, a loveable, scrappy protagonist, and a great mystery at the centre. The action-packed storyline and readable typeface make this a great choice for reluctant readers. Readers will be keenly waiting for the next instalment!


    mystery, fantasy, archaeology, adventure, history, talking dog, animals, humour

    Content Notes

    1. Dr Ghatak tells a story about how he found Indiana Bones (a talking dog) which involves a portal to another world. He speaks a mantra he remembers from his childhood in India, "Om Sah Maatraa Namah", which causes the illusion to dissipate (p. 11-13). Aisha repeats the mantra when she breaks the curse on Julimus's son (p. 243), who had been transformed into a snake years before. Indiana Bones has a danger sense which he refers to as a "Third Eye". 2. Ringo smokes cigarettes (p. 136, 179).

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