Gus Makes A Fuss (Pet Sitters: Ready For Anything #1)

Publication Date: 1 Mar. 2021
Format: Paperback / softback
Pet Sitters

ISBN 9780648943006

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    Two pet sitters. One talking cat. What could possibly go wrong? Best friends Cassie and Lina would love to take a pet to the Pet Parade. There’s one problem: neither girl has a pet... until they’re asked to pet sit Gus the cat. The girls might be ready for anything, but Gus isn’t quite the cat they were expecting. The Barefoot Springs Pet Parade is coming up, but best friends Cassie and Lina aren’t allowed to have pets. After all, it’s chaos at Lina’s house with three-year-old Timmy and twin babies, and Cassie’s dad doesn’t want another bad experience after what happened with the goldfish years ago. But when the girls are asked to pet sit Gus, the cat from next door, they take the responsibility seriously, hoping they can change their parent’s minds. Gus can stay in Lina’s barn, out of the way of the family, and the girls will look after him. ‘We’re ready for anything,’ they say. But the best friends didn’t count on discovering that adorable, fluffy Gus is a talking cat, and a grumpy one at that. What will they do when he escapes from the barn? Or when he returns to the house, determined to make a mess? It seems that pet sitting is a lot harder than first expected. And when Gus’ owner turns up and takes him home before the girls have had a chance to prove their pet setting capabilities, they’ll have to attend the Pet Parade without a pet of any sort. But grumpy, adorable Gus has a surprise for them when he turns up at the Parade. ‘You kept on loving me when I made a mess,’ he declares. ‘I’m like your pet.’ There’s a happy surprise for Gus too, when he wins the ‘Best Dressed Pet’ award to the applause of the town. Maybe Cassie and Lina are ready for anything, after all.