Purple Panic (Pet Sitters: Ready For Anything #2)

Publication Date: 1 Mar. 2021
Format: Paperback / softback
Pet Sitters

ISBN 9780648943013

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    Best friends Cassie and Lina can’t wait to pet sit Princess Gina, Mrs Almed’s pampered guinea pig. When she arrives in a fancy purple carriage with a wad of purple instructions, the girls don’t even blink an eye. They’re ready for anything, or so they think. But there’s something unusual about Gina. She’s sometimes very hard to see. Mrs Almed blames her eyesight, but after the pet’s owner leaves and the girls take Gina out of her cage, they discover the truth. Gina has become invisible! And it seems Gus has disappeared and taken the purple instructions with him. Unable to lock Gina in her cage, the girls take the invisible pet with them to search for Gus and the missing instructions. They find Gus in the hallway and then head to Cassie’s brother’s room where a mess of vegetable scraps and a bucket of dye are waiting. Cassie spots a sheet of purple paper beside the bucket. But Princess Gina is growing restless. She escapes Lina’s grasp and falls into the bucket of dye and when Cassie tries to rescue her, the bucket tips over. Princess Gina, now wet and purple, runs under the bed and out of reach. When Mrs Almed returns unexpectedly, she is horrified to learn her instructions have not been followed. Horror turns to hysterics when Gus appears, carrying the seemingly lifeless body of Gina in his mouth. But Princess Gina is not dead! And to Mrs Almed’s delight, she’s now entirely visible! Cassie and Lina are deemed the best pet sitters ever and Gus is treated like a hero.