If I Were King

Publication Date: 31 Aug. 2021
Format: Hardback

ISBN 9780711264021

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    Thomas is fed up of spending so much time with his annoying family. But after a night of particularly strong wishing, he wakes up a king and can do anything he wants! But life is not quite as he expected.

    A heartwarming story about the power of imagination and the even greater power of home.


    Book Type: Picture Books
    Age Group: 4 to 7 years
    Traffic Lights:
    Class Novel: No
    Good Reads Rating: /5
    Literary Rating: /5


    Thomas is sick of his ordinary life--eggs on toast for breakfast, an annoying little brother who's always interrupting his reading and getting orange juice everywhere, never being able to pick his own clothes or do what he likes. He dreams of being a king, and never being told what to do again. Then he wakes up one morning, and discovers his wish has come true...

    The palace is full of children who wished to be kings and queens. They eat cake with every meal, and play mini golf, and have all the toys they could ever want. But a day of this leaves Thomas feeling queasy. He tells his talking cat servant all about his own home: the eggs on toast that don't leave him feeling sick and overfull; how he can read his books in peace; his loving little brother. When he wakes the next day, he's in his own home, and very glad not to be a spoilt king anymore!

    This simple story shows young readers to be careful what they wish for. The grass may seem greener on the other side of the fence, but often absence makes the heart grow fonder; Thomas doesn't think about how good his life is while he's taking it for granted. Home and family have a special power, and imagined riches can't compare.

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