Iggy's World (Orca Currents)

Series: Orca Currents
Publication Date: 1 Feb. 2020
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781459821392

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    Fourteen-year-old Iggy comes from a famous family. Well, sort of. His dad directs a cheesy sci-fi webseries, his mom writes for it, and his sister has a successful YouTube channel. Iggy doesn't have the acting bug, so he feels like an outsider. In an attempt to prove himself, Iggy starts his own podcast about his favourite topic insects.

    But it's not until Iggy embarrasses his famous sister on air that his podcast really takes off. He's thrilled with his own success, until she fires back. Now it's all-out war.

    Iggy's World is an exploration of the age-old problem artists face: when we find inspiration from our real lives, what will our friends and family think? And, of course, just how much of our private lives do we really want to reveal online?


    Book Type: Junior Chapter
    Age Group: 9 to 12 years
    Traffic Lights:
    Class Novel: Yes
    Good Reads Rating: 4/5
    Literary Rating: 5/5


    Iggy's family is in show business. His father directs a sci-fi webseries, Great Big Bugs in Space, that his mother writes and his sister Cara acts in. But Iggy's thing is insects, not the silver screen.

    No-one in his family has any time for Iggy when they're so busy with their show, so he decides to start a podcast: Iggy's World. On it he spends hours talking about his pets: his ant colony, his Chinese praying-mantis, and Miss Bubble Butt -- his favourite tarantula. But no-one listens to the podcast until one day, he records himself playing a prank on his sister. He lays Miss Bubble Butt on his sister's open palm while she's sleeping and posts it.

    Iggy's ratings skyrocket -- but the prank backfires, as his sister drops Miss Bubble Butt on the floor in terror, fatally cracking her exoskeleton. Now Miss Bubble Butt is in danger of dying, and to top it off, Cara has it out for him. She uploads a video of Iggy hanging out with Miss Bubble Butt and later tricks him into bringing his insects to school only to release them on his unsuspecting classmates. Humiliated, and in a world of trouble with school and his father, it looks like things can't get any worse.

    But then Iggy's mum tells him that she's listened to his podcast and asks him to get involved with Great Big Bugs in Space as a consultant. Given the opportunity, Iggy proves that he's great on and off-screen. His relationship with his family improves, and the boost to his self-esteem helps him to socialise and gain popularity.

    This book reads as a series of podcast episodes. First-person address from Iggy as he describes his life to the reader is intercut with dialogue between Iggy and the people around him. This style bridges the gap between audio and written storytelling, and keeps the plot moving swiftly forward. The quips exchanged by Iggy and his family members are funny and snappy. Iggy's longing for acceptance makes him a sympathetic protagonist and the conclusion of his story is highly satisfying.


    sibling rivalry, loneliness, insects, fame, cyberbullying, misuse of technology

    Content Notes

    crap x 3.

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