Series: Orca Currents
Publication Date: 31 Jul. 2021
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781459830813

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    On a visit to a seaside town in Australia, 15-year-old Sam meets Annabel, who works at the local museum. Annabel’s interest in history is infectious, and Sam soon finds himself eager to hunt for the remains of a famous shipwreck that is thought to be hidden nearby. 

    When a storm exposes a structure, Sam and Annabel are convinced it’s the fabled ship. Soon all of the museum staff are at the site to check it out. But the same storm also destroys the museum’s power and, when the alarms aren’t working, someone steals the museum’s most treasured artifact, worth millions. 

    Sam and Annabel are convinced they can help and search for the thief. They soon begin to suspect that there may be a link between the fabled shipwreck and the recent theft.


    Book Type:
    Age Group: 11 to 14 years
    Traffic Lights: Green/Amber
    Class Novel: No
    Good Reads Rating: 4/5
    Literary Rating: 4/5


    Sam’s on holiday with his father in Warrnambool for a few days, and his hopes of an interesting trip aren’t high. Originally from Vancouver, he’s worried about adjusting to his new school in Adelaide. But his expectations are turned on their head when he meets Annabel, a mathematical genius obsessed with Pi. Annabel tells him all about the Mahogany Ship, a shipwreck rumoured to be buried in the dunes.

    Together they find a mysterious piece of black wood that could belong to the wreck. They take it to the museum, and though Annabel and the museum staff are sceptical it belongs to the mysterious wreck—it could be from any other ship—they’re keen to find out more. Apparently, there are rumours that the ship could be a Portuguese caraval or even a Chinese junk, meaning that the Dutch weren’t the first foreigners to land on Australian shores. Annabel finds a Chinese pot in the wreck, and she takes it to the museum to be analysed.

    When the museum’s prized possession is stolen, Annabel and Sam are on the case. Initially suspecting that the robbery is the work of a creepy museum worker, they deduce that a strange American businessman might be involved. After a tense standoff in a beach shack, Annabel and Sam are able to recover the stolen Loch Ard Peacock. The billionaire businessman may walk free, but at least the museum hasn’t lost its most prized artefact. Better yet, the Chinese pot contains ancient coins dated to the Ming Dynasty, which means that the stories about the Mahogany Ship being a Chinese junk may be true!

    An intriguing mystery full of historical details and fun facts about Pi. The romance between Annabel and Sam grows as the book continues, and by the end, Sam’s much more excited to be living in Australia!


    Content Notes

    1. Annabel wants to get a tattoo of Pi (p. 7). 2. Story about shipwreck deaths (p. 11). The businessman pulls a gun on Sam (p. 92). Annabel fires it into the air (p. 101). 3. Pete, the creepy museum worker, smokes (p. 69, 71). 4. Sam and Annabel kiss (p. 103).

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