Publication Date: 8 Sep. 2021
Format: Hardback

ISBN 9781760652081

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    The true story of an important pioneering woman in Australian history.

    Courageous, clever and daring, Drover is one of a kind. Travelling through the heart of the outback, Drover delivers a mob of cattle. Searing heat, dust and flies, hardship and danger: these are just part of the job. But there's no place Drover would rather be.

    The truly remarkable story of legendary drover Edna Jessop is celebrated through stunning oil illustrations and evocative text.


    Book Type: Picture Books
    Age Group: 4 years +
    Traffic Lights:
    Class Novel: No
    Good Reads Rating: /5
    Literary Rating: /5


    This narrative non-fiction picture book depicts a droving crew as they bring a herd of bullocks into town.

    Drover, Billy, Splinter, and Bib make a good team, and at night they sing songs and tell stories around the fire. A bandicoot spooks the herd, and the droving team use all their skill to get the cattle safely milling again. They bring the bullocks into Dajarra, finishing a journey of thousands of kilometres that lasts nearly six months.

    Biographical information on Edna Jessop (referred to only as "Drover" until the last page), and definitions for some of the terms used (like "milling" and "the bagman's gazette") are included in the back of the book.

    This is a beautifully executed book, with gorgeous, traditional illustrations bringing the wide blue sky and flat grassland to life. The text gives readers some idea of the life of a drover, with just enough information to leave curious readers wanting more.

    Poetic words work with the images to evoke visions of beautiful, isolated country and quiet friendship. A lovely and informative read.

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