A Forever Home for Bella

Series: Forever Homes
Publication Date: 31 Aug. 2021
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781788009553

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    Nine-year-old twins Grace and Jack run the Forever Homes rehoming service. Whether it's a cheeky puppy or a shy kitten, they're determined to pair every animal with their perfect person--and have lots of adventures along the way!

    Bella is a friendly Labrador puppy who likes cuddles, walks and books! Can the twins find someone who will love Bella AND read her stories?


    Book Type: Early Readers
    Age Group: 5 years +
    Traffic Lights: Green/Amber
    Class Novel: No
    Good Reads Rating: 4.5/5
    Literary Rating: 4.5/5


    When Grace and Jack meet a Labrador puppy called Bella at the vet, they fall in love with her energy and sweet nature straight away! Her owner has to move for work, and can't take Bella with her, making her the perfect new client for Grace and Jack's Forever Homes rehoming service. Grace and Jack set to work finding Bella the perfect owner immediately. She loves stories, so they talk to the librarians at school. Unfortunately, although Ms. Clark would love to have her, she's away from home too often to look after a puppy. If only she could be a part-time dog owner!

    Grace's next idea comes when she realises her friend Poppy really wants a dog. Her mother has just had a new baby, and Poppy--who used to be an only child--feels that she isn't being paid any attention anymore. She'd love to have a dog all of her own, but her mother says with the new baby they can't take on a young puppy like Bella.

    Things fall into place when Jack brings up school dogs. If they could convince Ms. Clark to take Bella on at home then bring her into school, Bella could get love and cuddles from all the school kids! But she would need someone to take care of her in school and help to train her. After some convincing, Poppy agrees to be responsible for Bella. She didn't want to share Bella with the whole school at first, but she soon adjusts to the role and even starts a Puppy Club for the younger kids where they learn how to take care of dogs! Taking care of Bella helps her to understand why her mother spends so much time with her new baby, and the Puppy Club helps her acclimatise to younger kids. A resounding success!

    Sweet, wholesome and comforting, this new instalment in the Forever Homes series is a treat to read. Grace and Jack's problem-solving strategies will give young readers a greater understanding of dogs, and Poppy's story will be soothing for children who have new babies in the family. There's even information in the back about Labradors and finding your ideal dog. Overall, a highly enjoyable read.


    pets, rehoming, problem solving, babies, dogs

    Content Notes

    Toilet humour: Q: How does a baby tell its mum it needs a nappy change? A: It sends its mum a pee-mail! (p. 23).

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