Amira's Suitcase

Publication Date: 1 Mar. 2021
Format: Hardback

ISBN 9781922326133

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    It begins with a tiny seed growing inside a suitcase. With Amira’s care, the tiny seed starts to sprout. Find out what happens when kindness flourishes ...

    Amira’s Suitcase is a gentle, thought-provoking tale about friendship and hope.

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    Book Type: Picture Books
    Age Group: 3 years +
    Traffic Lights:
    Class Novel: No
    Good Reads Rating: /5
    Literary Rating: /5


    While searching for a hiding place, Amira finds a suitcase with a small pile of dirt inside, from which a tiny plant has sprouted.

    Amira begins to care for the plant, bringing it water and putting it out in the sunshine—and almost without noticing, the things she does for the plant make her life better too. Out and about, she finds new friends in Nala and Tien, who bring seeds to be planted in Amira’s suitcase. As their care for the little plants forges a bond of friendship, the children play together and grow just as the plants do.

    This heartwarming story shows that dreams, hobbies, and care for others all bring happiness and improve mental health and wellbeing. Beyond that, the story’s setting in what may be a refugee camp alludes to a deeper message.

    The book encourages empathy by situating a relatable story in the refugee crisis, and gently shows how growth and permanence are rare in some communities.

    As Amira and her friends work together, they bring one another happiness and hope, and help each other to imagine and dream—a poignant reminder of the importance of connections. This, coupled with the message of kindness and care, makes this a sweet and worthwhile story.


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