Talking ecoLogical: 40 Cards for building conversations towards sustainability

Format: Cards


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    Creating a sustainable future requires us to reconsider our values and to challenge the status quo. But creating a sustainable future is also about making life better than it ever was!

    Teachers and educators: bring Talking ecoLogical into the classroom. Stimulate big picture thinking about how we want our homes, cities, economies, energy systems and communities to operate in the future.

    Boards, CEOs and managers: use the cards to inspire fresh thinking and plan change that is responsive to challenges we face now and in the future.

    Architects and town planners: brainstorm new ideas for best design, integrated systems and progressive community development.

    Churches and spiritual groups: use Talking ecoLogical to reflect on our relationships with nature, the sacred, values and human potential.

    Talking ecoLogical is a set of 40 cards that can be used by anyone to create lively, thoughtful, provocative and progressive conversations about environmental sustainability. Developed with a dual focus on sustainability and social justice, the cards are designed to spark rich discussions about identity, shaping the future, our relationships with the environment and with each other.

    Use this dynamic and flexible resource for teaching, goal-setting and planning, personal reflection, evaluation and assessment, creative writing and research—and rejuvenating stale conversations about the ‘problems’ of sustainability.

    The Talking ecoLogical cards are divided into four suits:

    1. Elements of Identity
    2. Imagining the Future
    3. The Challenge
    4. Processes of Change

    Each card features:

    - a topic heading (such as Transport, Prosperity, Human Scale)

    - a referenced statement providing simple, easily understood information

    - a question

    - an uplifting quote from a leader, artist or scholar.

    It's time to move beyond single issue thinking and start the move to a place where we are driven by the urgency of our challenges AND the beauty of our dreams!

    Published by Innovative Resources, 2014
    ISBN:  978 1 920945 70 1
    40 full-colour cards, 160mm x 140mm
    Clear polypropylene box, 54-page online booklet
    Author: Ian McBurney
    Designer: Mat Jones